May 28, 2015
Flume Returns With Heartbroken Single ‘Some Minds’

Australian super-producer Flume (pictured above) returns with Some Minds, a single featuring vocals from Miike Snow’s Andrew Wyatt. Available below is the video for the track, a collaboration with the Sydney Opera House that is the visual actualization of floating through the empty space in the soul of a heartbroken man.

Veering towards ambient garage in style, the track’s muted, sweeping, double-time drum breaks and pounding kicks define the bottom end. As well, the melody is set via a needling minor-key synth note that jockeys with Wyatt’s tender vocal in the top-half of the mix. This track is a heartfelt journey, the timbre of the track playing a tender point/counterpoint with the tenor of the vocal.

Flume will be touring throughout the rest of 2015. There is no word as yet as to when or how this track will be made available for purchase.

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