Jun 02, 2012
Flosstradamus Tears Through NYC
Flosstradamus - Hood Fantasy (Original Mix)
Mojek - Keyboard Chords (Tony Quattro Remix)
Baauer - Harlem Shake (Original Mix) [Mad Decent]

The boys from Flosstradamus are back on LessThan3, this time with a sweat-filled orgy of a show at NYC’s Drom nightclub. The duo’s bass-heavy style has been the talk of the scene lately with play from major figures like Diplo and Flux Pavilion, so I had to experience the energy for myself. After a hangover-filled day spent wondering how many pounds in sweat I lost, I can assure you that these dudes are the real deal, two veritable beat machines of monstrous proportions.

Upon entering I was greeted with some fresh 2-step and garage beats from upstart Tony Quattro, a tie-and-glasses wearing musical salesman of sorts, there to deliver aural pleasure to those that got there early enough to see him. Thoroughly impressed and already feeling the vibe of Drom, I put my dancing shoes to good use not knowing that they’d be torn up by the end of the night. These antics continued through Mess Kid’s set, which was a bit higher energy and a good way to lead into the Flosstradamus madness.

As soon as Floss went on, you knew your life was going to be in shambles the next day. Not one person in the overpacked, body fluid-infested crowd could stop gyrating for a single second to the blend of hip-hop, dancehall, dubstep, and trap that J2K and Autobot expelled through their Launchpads. Their remix of Major Lazer’s Original Don really had the crowd going wild and by the end of the show this writer’s shirt was wetter than the Amazon rainforest. Baauer then proceeded to finish off the masses with his unique trap stylings, including the absolutely mental Harlem Shake.

If either Flosstradamus or Baauer are in your city, do not miss out on the insanity. No one is safe from the bass when they’re in the building! Check out the video below to see how Flosstradamus likes to get down. The artists were brought to NY by Bass Squad as part of the opening party for their “On The Rocks” summer series. The next installment is June 24 with Heartbreak, Nicky Da B, Soundkeepers, and a special surprise guest!

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