Mar 04, 2014
Flosstradamus Shares Twin Twerkers In Video Premiere

Josh Young (J2K) shared two potential new Flosstradamus tracks in a YouTube video Feb. 28, dancing along in a snazzy set of overalls and thanking the fans, as he likes to do–this guy knows the way into our <3s.

J dedicates premiere one to all the hoodiegirlz out there, and pops on their latest bad-bitch club track. Despite the poor audio quality, Kelis' voice shines through in signature Floss sample work driven by big, booming drops making for a serious slapper that can best be described as "bossy."

The hoodieboyz premiere is shorter, but offers a decent taste of a dual-pitched powerhouse with sharp wails likely to survive past the stated work-in-progress status.

J2K promises more new music, free sh*t, and a 420 “surprise,” but seriously… Floss doing something weed-related? Not really a surprise…

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