Apr 21, 2015
Flosstradamus & Friends Have A ‘Soundclash’
Flosstradamus, GTA, & Lil Jon - Prison Rot (Original Mix) [Fool's Gold/Ultra]
Flosstradamus & Ricky Remedy - BYB (Original Mix) [Fool's Gold/Ultra]
Flosstradamus & NYMZ - Wavy (Original Mix) [Fool's Gold/Ultra]

To celebrate the very conspicuous 20th day of April, Chicago bass brokers Flosstradamus just dropped their highly anticipated, 6-track collaborative EP titled Soundclash. The EP’s release also coincided with the duo’s first ever HDYFEST–a 420-themed party featuring Soundclash collaborators Valentino Khan, NYMZ, and Ricky Remedy.

The Soundclash EP brings along a star-studded cast of collaborators including the aforementioned NYMZ, Valentino Khan, and Ricky Remedy, but also features meteoric artists such as Troyboi, Lil Jon, GTA, and streaking hip hop duo Run the Jewels.

The EP hits every angle of the trap genre, ranging from a swift 160 BPM to a more relaxed, head-nodding tempo of 145 BPM. But regardless of tempo, expect to hear massively reverberant and squelchy melodies, syncopated, synthetic percussion, and machine gun hi-hats across every track on the album. Floss and friends deliver a much-needed barrage of low-slung gutter funk with this 420 homage.

Pick up the full Soundclash EP out on Fool’s Gold/Ultra Music on Beatport.

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