Dec 04, 2011
Floating Shadows
Floating Points - Sais [Eglo]
Floating Points - ARP3 [Eglo]
Floating Points - Myrtle Avenue [Eglo]

Sam Shepherd, aka Floating Points, doesn’t really do substantial releases; Shadows may only be a five-track EP, but it’s his meatiest offering so far. A few of the cuts here have cropped up before, most notably Sais which was released as a solo 10″ back in April, but put together they make excellent listening for the deep tech crew. Aside from Sais, other highlights include ARP3’s moody techno and Myrtle Avenue’s dark, immersive groove.

Shadows is the work of someone not at all concerned about genre pigeonholing, completely unmoved by cries for dancefloor conformity. The manner in which Myrtle Avenue languidly pulses for almost ten minutes speaks volumes about Shepherd’s views on his music. The five tracks proffered here flit between conventional ideas, flirting with themes from deep house, techno and the UK bass scene but always in a non-committal, detached way. Floating Points never swears his allegiance to any particular scene, his music remaining stoically his own. These days the creative process of your average producer begins, “today, I will make a dubstep track.” Sam Shepherd wakes up and thinks, “Today, I will make a Floating Points track.” How refreshing.

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