Nov 26, 2013
Flight Facilities Brings Us To A ‘Stand Still’
Flight Facilities feat. Micky Green - Stand Still (Original Mix) [Glassnote]

Indie beatmakers Flight Facilities are back this week with the release of their new single, Stand Still, and with the help of French pop singer Micky Green, their latest effort is nothing short of dreamy.

The Australian duo dishes out a sophisticated disco groove with Stand Still, which offers a dramatically different feel than their slow and hauntingly gorgeous 2012 hit, Clair de Lune. This time around, they’ve upped the tempo and added playful background beats with keyboard notes and a peppy whistle hook. The tune’s fast pace is effectively contrasted by Green’s warm vocals, which add just the right amount of soothing, sweet melody to balance things out. The track promises to be another success for these two, and it looks like it’s just the start of bigger things to come. Though they’ve only released singles since coming onto the scene three years ago, the duo recently dropped word of something a bit heftier–possibly a full album–in 2014.

Stand Still is available now on iTunes. The full EP will include several remixes of the track and releases Dec. 9.

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