Feb 27, 2012
Flight: Achieved
Madeon - Icarus (Extended Mix) [popcultur]
Madeon - Shuriken (Original Mix) [Kitsune]

French prodigy Madeon is back with his much-anticipated original release, properly titled Icarus. Funky, astral and confidently hip all perfectly describe the young’n’s release, proving that all of the attention the kid has received in his short-lived career is well deserved thus far. For someone with such a disco flare, Madeon has always been happy to display his skills in deep, worthy basslines, and this track takes it a step further with it’s imploding drops.

Also tagged on is another Madeon original, Shuriken an earlier track from Madeon that seems to act as a precursor to the fuller, more flushed out track we see in Icarus.

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