Dec 03, 2013
5 Uses For Heineken’s Scenthesizer

Already able to manipulate your eyes, ears, and body, DJs everywhere may be able to add your nose to their list of sensory servants with the odor-emitting Scenthesizer.

Backed by Heineken’s Singapore-based Green Room project, the Scenthesizer allows DJs to control the aroma of the dancefloor via vents in the front of the booth which emit specific smells at the DJ’s command. With scents from fresh air to grapefruit and beyond, this new piece of tech, if approved through the prototype stages, will allow for a DJ to further spin a narrative and bring listeners–and smellers–on a multi-sensory journey with their sets.

As intense breeds of tech and music nerd, this excites us greatly. Learn more in the video at the bottom, and enjoy some suggestions from our end on what makes sense to pump out during each style of music:

Deep House: Hipster Sweaters


Nothing soothes the sinuses of a deep house fan like the smell old clothing made stylish again by its lack of style. That musty, secondhand aroma just proves that you were right about this being the best genre out there.

Moombahton: Coconuts And Gunpowder

coconuts and gunpowder

Take the crowd right into downtown San Juan for your next moombahton set with the fragrance of local plant life and expended ammunition.

Dubstep: Ladies’ Perfume

girl smell

Pump the room full of that intoxicating female aroma during your big dubstep show, and nobody will have any idea there are no girls there.

Techno: Abandoned Factory


Make techno fans feel right at home with the dank, dusty bouquet of an abandoned factory. Harmful respiratory diseases not included.

Trap: That Sticky Icky

smoke lips

Ease the paranoid minds of the collective trap scene into thinking they’re not the only ones in the room who smell like herbal remedy.

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