May 16, 2013
Five Artists Too Cool For Vowels
SBTRKT - Trials Of The Past (Original Mix) [Young Turks]
DFRNT - The Way You Look At Me (Original Mix) [FINA]
Koreless - MTI (TWRK Remix)
HTRK - Bendin' (Original Mix) [Ghostly International]
STRFKR - Malmo (Original Mix) [Polyvinyl]

Consonants are cool, and vowels are lame. Here are five artists who agree:

1. SBTRKT – Trials of the Past [Young Turks]
Pronounced: “Subtract”

Vowel-less and faceless, the masked producer has a knack for creating pop-friendly bass music that bridges the gap between the underground and mainstream. Arguably the most well-known producer without vowels on this list, SBTRKT just released a live album, out now.

2. DFRNT – The Way You Look At Me [FINA]
Pronounced: “Different”

DFRNT’s lack of vowels might not be too different from the stylization of the rest of the artists here, but good God, can he produce some soulful tunes. The Way You Look At Me made it onto our Friday Favorites last week.

3. Koreless – MTI (TWRK Remix)
Pronounced: “Twerk”

Not much is known about this outfit except that he/she/they is/are from New York via Norway and has/have been creating quite a stir on Soundcloud lately.

4. HTRK – Bendin’ [Ghostly International]
Pronounced: “Hate Rock”

I’m glad HTRK didn’t stylize their name as “H8RK.” I feel like the obviousness of that spelling would take away from the slow-moving, dark ethos that characterizes their music.

5. STRFKR – Malmo [Polyvinyl]
Pronounced: Star Fucker

When it comes to journalism, we’re usually told to not curse. For the sake of relevancy in this article, I’m bending those rules: STRFKR is pronounced “Star Fucker,” and they’re super cool and indie. Check it out.

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