Nov 10, 2012
Finnebassen Knows When It Rains
Finnebassen - If You Only Knew (The Mekanism Remix) [Electronique Digital]
Finnebassen & Gundelach - When It Rains (Original Mix) [Electronique Digital]
Finnebassen - If You Only Knew (Original Mix) [Electronique Digital]

2012 was an eventful debut year for 24 year-old Peder Wang, better known as Swedish-based Finnebassen. Ultimately showing no sign of stopping, his sound eliminates the thinning line between nu-disco and deep house. Finnebassen’s smooth and sexy productions are truly a treat; ear candy varying in sound from release to release. It is due to this that Finnebassen warrants mass attention.

Finnebassen’s newest EP contains the highly anticipated track When It Rains, heard earlier this year, but the fullness of his prowess only flourishes when you hear the entire release. While romantic at heart, the beats exude raw hormones. When It Rains is a highly sophisticated affair; the dark and rewarding groove venture the listener forward. Newcomer vocalist Gundelach complements the sexual hue, reaching a balance between passion and heart.

Finnebassen does not fail and follows through strong with If You Only Knew. The original mix showcases the soulful lyrics of the late R&B superstar Aaliyah, her voice projecting from what seems to present a bright ceramic room. Timbaland’s cheeky and short sample is subtly layered as the simple picking of a guitar string encompasses a soulful groove. Aaliyah’s voice and filter sweeps playfully twists and modulates with effects making this a great interpretation of a modern classic. The Mekanism’s remix adds an undoubtedly sexy and unique flavor. He shows real flare here, dropping the majority of Aaliyah’s voice and carefully crafting “want to kick it with you” into a cut-up, deep, and vibing voice perfectly executed in typical deep house fashion. The breakdown sustains awe, leaving listeners on the edge, their toes curled and jaws dropped. The Mekanism is a name to look out for if quality productions of this caliber continue. Pick up the release off Beatport here.

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