Jun 17, 2012
Finding The Stars
Pulse & Sphere - The Lost Stars (Original Mix) [Future Focus]
Pulse & Sphere - The Lost Stars (Pobsky & Paul Atkinson Remix) [Future Focus]

Hold onto your seats. Pulse & Sphere are a relatively unknown Russian duo, and with The Lost Stars, coming out of new label Future Focus Recordings, I had no idea what to expect. It’s always refreshing to find a track that could be impressive by artists who we haven’t really heard of; what I got was a techy earful of something surprisingly fun.

The Lost Stars is a name that brought to mind something with a melancholy-sounding piano break, but it slams out of the gate with a dirty, electro-ish bassline that flings any ideas of pianos out the window. It can be hard to sustain the energy level in any darker, bass-driven track, but this one completely succeeds; even the entirety of the breakdown demands attention. And as if it weren’t already dark and dirty, the accompanying remix by Pobsky & Paul Atkinson somehow ups the stakes. In spite of its less high-energy pacing than the original, it’s a unique take on the track which plays an in-your-face lead synth against a theatrical-sounding break.

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