Apr 15, 2012
Finding Love in Unexpected Places
Stereo Alchemy - Love Is Love (Original Mix)
Stereo Alchemy - She Walks In Beauty (Original Mix)
Stereo Alchemy - God Of Love (Original Mix)

You never know when or where that next sound will pop up. Sometimes you hear a DJ spin it, sometimes a friend plays it for you, sometimes a two-time Grammy winner and composer of a very catchy song from your favorite childhood video game does an open forum interview on your favorite social news website. Well, that’s how I ended up getting my hands on a copy of the new (and first) Stereo Alchemy release, God Of Love. Stereo Alchemy is made up of Christopher Tin and his counterpart K4m37r0n, who are an impressive pair, to say the least. Together they create a sound refreshing and new, and the genre ascribed by the makers themselves on the duo’s website pretty much sums it up: decadent electronica.

Some tracks on God Of Love, like Love Is Love, have a very Album Leaf feel. Then, you listen to a track like She Walks in Beauty and it’s an entirely different experience; the vibes are a bit more indie, but the soul is still there. I think that this is the future of electronic music. As it begins to pervade our culture, we’ll see it used more artfully within other forms of music, and sometimes not so artfully, but in this case we’re definitely dealing with the former.

If you liked those tracks, this next one is a bit of an in-between. God Of Love’s title song, buried three tracks deep into the album, is the crown on this trinity of reasons that you need to check out Stereo Alchemy. They turn negative soundscapes into sexy, euphonic compositions of righteous synth, virtuous instrumentalism, seductive vocals, and just the right amount of bass. This is one for the masses, guys.

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