Jul 10, 2010
Filthyphonic Schooling
Dirtyphonics - Teleportation (Original Mix)

Imagine you’re standing on the edge of a cliff. An explosion goes off and suddenly you’re flying through the air towards impending doom. Time slows down for a brief few seconds as boulders and other rubble float by you on their way to Earth. Suddenly through the chaos and confusion you spot a branch sticking out from a ledge. Your mind quickly evaluates the chances–about 50/50–of grabbing on to save your life.

This track could very well describe that journey. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s go time.

Teleportation, in my mind, is one of Dirtyphonic’s crowning achievements. It incorporates a bunch of different dance music elements into a fluid, rough, energetic track. Play this track live and consider your party started. First off, we’ve got the random vocal narrative sample. Not overly done, and quite fitting for the track. Second, a healthy helping of the dirty synth lines that give Dirtyphonics such a signature sound. Finally,we’ve got some great production quality here. Effects are spot on, varied, and effective.

Airplay enabled