Sep 30, 2011
Field of Strange
Strangeloop - Plants Inside [Brainfeeder]
Strangeloop - Ghostlines [Brainfeeder]
Strangeloop - Becoming Fields [Brainfeeder]

The great thing about electronic music is that it can be used as a medium for so many different kinds of listening experiences. Today’s post differs from something you’d hear at a club or rave. Hell, I’m not so sure you could classify this as a “song” in the traditional sense. Brainfeeder’s Strangeloop is exploring uncharted territories with his most recent EP, Fields. Think along the lines of Pink Floyd’s iconic album Dark Side of the Moon, and you’re about half way there in terms of what to expect. It’s an audio journey, composed by Strangeloop himself along with help from other artists like Austin Peralta and Low End Theory DJ Daddy Kev.

The story goes that Strangeloop was inspired to create this work after experiencing a “trip.” He then attempted to immediately record what he could recollect of his experience, and thus Fields was born. Plants Inside, Ghostlines, and Becoming Fields, simply put, take you on a ride through time and space. To try to describe them further than that would be an injustice to Strangeloop, as I am sure he wants the listener to have their own unique experience when listening to the EP. Needless to say, these songs are an adventure, so make sure you have some time to spare before you click the play button.

Strangeloop has also known to take his music to the next level, with intense visual experiences accompanying his productions. For his newest installment, he’s helped create a complete online show, which can be seen here. The website is an explorative journey, with hidden presents waiting for you along the way. It’s a cool way to entrench yourself in the music, or just interesting to click through if you’re just looking for some fun.

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