Oct 07, 2010
Ferry’s Festival
Ferry Corsten pres. Pulse - Festival (Original Mix) [1605]

I haven’t been listening to Ferry Corsten much over the past year. I’m not sure how he dropped off my radar, but I’m glad he’s seemed to resurface. I was sitting at work listening to Corsten’s Countdown #170 when this absolutely gorgeous melody began playing and I couldn’t focus on anything else. This track slowly built up an incredible energy, and then dropped the bass in to create a powerful, uplifting wave of music to soothe my soul. I didn’t know it at the time, but that track was Festival by Ferry’s new proggier moniker “Pulse.” This track would be perfect to play late in the evening at any festival to really get the night going. I’m praying that someone comes out with a vocal mix of this one. I know it jumped straight to the top of my list of tracks to remix.

This track can be found on Corsten’s compilation Once Upon a Night Vol. 2.. Kid Alien recently posted about Klauss Goulart’s track off the same album, so one thing is for sure–this album is one to get your hands on. Stay tuned for a full review of Once Upon A Night as well as an interview with Ferry!

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