Mar 01, 2012
Ferry Corsten Lives for the WKND
Ferry Corsten feat Ben Hague - Ain't No Stoppin' (Original Mix) [Flashover]
Ferry Corsten - Don't Be Afraid (Original Mix) [Flashover]
Ferry Corsten feat Ellie Lawson - A Day Without Rain (Original Mix) [Flashover]

Ferry Corsten has been good to the EDM world, and it’s been damn good to him too! He’s been dominating dancefloors for over 20 years, and countless DJs today still consider him one of their greatest inspirations. Out now for the new decade, his new album WKND opens a whole new chapter for his music.

Although he’s best known for being a trance heavyweight, the Dutch legend has spun all kinds of styles of music in his enormous career, including house and techno. In WKND, he explores some of that hybrid trouse sound with tracks like Feel It, Check It Out, and his recent hit Ain’t No Stoppin’ with Ben Hague (see music video below). If you’re into today’s tech trance sounds, then you’re going to love Don’t Be Afraid. This beast blends a mix of face-punching snare drums, driving piano stabs, and plenty of distinct tonal melodies. There are also some beautiful trancers on the new album like opener A Day Without Rain, which features Ellie Lawson. Everything from the gentle tambourines to the enchanting basslines lives and breathes the soul of trance music.

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