Jul 26, 2014
Ferry Corsten Crashes From Radio To Festival
Ferry Corsten - Festival Crash (Original Mix) [Flashover]
Ferry Corsten - Festival Crash (Jacob Van Hage Remix) [Flashover]

Dutch legend Ferry Corsten updated his 2008 track Radio Crash with a modern take and a new name, Festival Crash.

The original was almost subtle, with a slightly psy-trance influence about it, but Festival Crash is all about making those massive riffs jump out–true to the original but polished, refined, and confident. As the name suggests, this is a track that is designed to scream at 50,000 people in a field via a 50,000-watt sound system. On the flipside, fellow countryman Jacob Van Hage takes the track on a stompy and trippy adventure, with some crazy synth work and a solid big room feel.

Festival Crash is out now on Flashover as a Beatport exclusive.

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