May 31, 2013
Ferry Corsten Cuts Through The Bull$h1t
Ferry Corsten - F The Bull$h1t (Original Mix) [Flashover]

The lack of lyrics in a track makes it tricky to get a message across and normally leaves two options–the title and the artwork. Ferry Corsten has gone for both in his latest release, simply entitled F The Bull$h1t, along with artwork featuring a stack of dollar bills. It’s a clear swipe at the politics of the EDM scene and a comment on the mystical line between “making a living” and so-called “selling out”. It’s probably fair to assume that Ferry Corsten isn’t living in poverty, but it would be very unfair to say he does anything because of the cash—-over two decades at the top of his game and Ferry still makes music based on his own tastes, not whatever happens to be in-vogue.

F The Bull$h1t is an interesting mix of several genres which play out nicely as the track progresses. The intro is a bouncy and progressive trance style affair, with some classic throbbing bass sounds and bleepy synths straight out of the late ‘90s. The break offers a total change of pace with massive piano stabs and epic synth riffs and arps. The drop changes things for a third time, the bass line is back, but we’re treated to a very moody and minimal end to a track that, overall, offers so much it could work as well in an uplifting trance set as it would in a techno set.

Once again, Ferry probably didn’t intend for to make a track with such a mix of genres, he just sat down in a studio and made a good piece of music, as he always has done. F The Bull$h1t is available to buy now on Beatport and is sure to be a big hit over the summer.

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