Jan 16, 2012
Feintly Beautiful
Feint - Clockwork Hearts (Original Mix) [Subsphere]
Feint - Clockwork Hearts (Hivemynd Remix) [Subsphere]
Feint - Sparks (Original Mix) [Subsphere]

Feint is a young drum’n’bass producer out of Manchester, and while there’s a literal ton of d’n’b coming out of the UK at any given moment, this kid is surely onto something special. His style (at least on his most recent release) is incredibly liquid, pulling influences from all over the place with an overall summer festival flare–something I’ve rarely seen in modern D&B releases. Feint’s latest EP is titled Clockwork Hearts and I’ll just cut straight through the fluff: this is a must-hear release for all EDM fans.

What Feint managed to prove with the title track is astounding–that saxophones and other wind instrumentals truly have a place in the world of EDM. Much like Colorado’s Big Gigantic, Feint uses the sax to somehow up the energy of such a fast-paced track, and the result is timeless. There’s something about this song that had my <3 at play; here's to it grabbing yours also. Furthermore, Hivemynd somehow managed to remix this tune into a wonderful prog-house experience while avoiding too much cheesiness in using the sax at a housey tempo. Next, get sucked into Sparks, a tune that really captures the emotion and feel of some of today’s top jam bands. The production in the drums and guitar are so crisp here, making it clear how much control Feint has over what he envisions. Bravo, and MOAR!

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