Oct 10, 2010
Feeling Trapped?
Tricil - The Emancipation (Original Mix) [Clear Notice]

“An attic is often a goldmine of forgotten treasures where rusty mechanisms and dusty broken dolls can come back to life with a story to tell. This is the concept Burning Head developed for the very talented Clear Notice artist, Tricil.” This description up on Clear Notice’s website very easily lured me into taking a peek, and I am sure glad that I did. An indie electronica fusion of dubstep with electro and other elements combine very interestingly for a truly unique sound. Accompanied by a fantastic (read: very trippy) video, this is sure to capture your imagination. Oh, and it won the JamFest Indie Film Festival Award this year. No big deal.

A little bit of digging brought up some information on the artist behind this one: “John Jacobus, from Atlanta, GA, has released a handful of cross-pollinated solo EP’s since 1998 under the name Tricil. Tricil has always been a genre blurring project, mainly sticking to melodic IDM with harsh industrial and slight dubstep and electro flourishes. A guitarist at heart, many Tricil songs, such as The Emancipation, take their origin on the guitar before being translated in to the electronic realm.”

Dig in, people.

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