Jul 03, 2012
Minnesota Drum & Bass
Kasper - Departure (Original Mix) [Fokuz]
Kasper - Vivaldi (Original Mix) [Fokuz]
Kasper - Scorsese (Original Mix) [Fokuz]

Kasper is not a well-known name to the majority of the drum’n’bass massive. However, the Minnesota native has recently seen a bump in popularity thanks to a very well known British DJ–namely, Crissy Criss. Since getting DJ support from the BBC 1Xtra host, Kasper has popped up on the radar of a full list of top-tier DJs, most notably Simon “Bassline” Smith. The young producer is sure to boost his popularity further with the release of his latest EP, Vivaldi, out now on Fokuz Recordings. Like Kasper, rising drum’n’bass label Fokuz is poised to shake up the world of dnb if it continues to release EPs of this caliber.

Even thought they haven’t even been around for a year, Fokuz has already built a reputation of being a depot for uplifting liquid rollers. It’s no surprise that Kasper’s liquid opus Vivaldi found it’s way onto the fledgling imprint. The Vivaldi EP kicks off with Departure, giving the listener a delicately balanced diet of hyper-percussion and subtle bass stabs. The tune’s intermittent pad adds complexity and high-pitched variety to what would otherwise be a low-register workout. The title track picks up the pace a bit, with some splashing open hats and allegro string riffs. The bassline rumbles along nicely, occasionally delivering an interlude of repetitive notes before the next musical phrase. The last track, Scorsese, is an intelligent bass roller with a plucked lead and catchy vocal sample. Kasper’s Classical training really shines through in all three tracks.

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