Jan 26, 2011
Feel The Beat, Be The Beat
Señor Stereo - I Am The Beat (Treasure Fingers Remix) [Slow Roast]

If you’re a lover of disco-esque house jams, then you’re going to love this one. This track is made up of not just one, but two nu disco superstars. I’m talking about Treasure Fingers (pictured) remixing Señor Stereo’s I Am The Beat. Both of these artists have been at the top of their games for a while, and this song brings you the best of both worlds. I personally don’t listen to much disco house, but I Am The Beat sounds so great that it caught my attention by the scruff of the neck.

This one is beautifully produced. Funky basslines are the driving force behind it, while dancey piano and minimal sounds give somewhat of a dark twist on the disco sound. Not to mention the sexy vocals–they have just the right amount of layering. I feel like vocals can be overwhelming in a lot fo EDM tracks nowadays, and this one is freshly tuned down so the listener can enjoy everything else that is going on in here. So that’s it; short and sweet, just like the song. Great for any get together or even an afterparty. Enjoy!

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