Sep 29, 2012
Feel My Bicep
Bicep - Vision Of Love (Original Mix) [Feel My Bicep]
Bicep - Getcha Boi (Original Mix) [Feel My Bicep]
Bicep - $tripper (Original Mix) [Love Fever]

The house renaissance has begun and Bicep is ready to take the throne. What started as a music blog turned DJ/producer group is now going record label in a fusion of Chicago house and UK garage. Andy Ferguson and Matt McGuire began posting up tracks they liked, matched with cheeky photos on their blog a few years back. Next thing you know, the two are a mainstay at Love Fever parties and clubs all around the UK, with their old-school sound pervading a scene so ravenous for the brand new.

Throwback mantra in mind, Feel My Bicep Records was born, straight up house at its core. The group’s own productions make up the inaugural release, a refreshing throwback to simpler times when dancefloors were actually used for dancing. Vision Of Love and Getcha Boi are so loose and carefree that it’s hard not to do a little shoulder shrug in even the most rigid of situations. Shuffling basslines, chugging percussion, clever samples; not much is needed to get a room moving in ecstasy.

Speaking of label launches, Bicep’s track $tripper was the first released on the aforementioned Love Fever a few months back, and it’s still one of the most enjoyable tracks of the year. The video below shows you all you need to know to flex your Bicep. Cop the vinyl over at Juno.

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