May 27, 2012
Johan Vilborg's Feel Good Vibes
Johan Vilborg - Fall (Original Mix) [Silk Royal]
Johan Vilborg - Warmer Days (Original Mix) [Silk Royal]
Johan Vilborg - Altara (Original Mix) [Silk Royal]

Recently I’ve stumbled upon what is likely going to end up being one of my personal favorites of 2012, Fall by Johan Vilborg. This beautiful masterpiece gracefully weaves in catchy beats, soothing pads, and sentimental breakdowns in a manner most worthy of Silk Royal’s stamp of approval. After listening to it about a thousand times, I just had to explore more of this brilliant artist’s work.

The Swedes are well known for their graceful melodies, and Johan Vilborg has most certainly lived up to this expectation. Just recently he released a track called Warmer Days that was featured on Silk Royal Showcase 02. Much like Fall, its captivating harmony has a way of embracing your deepest and most heartfelt emotions. For another sample to indulge in, listen to his passionately uplifting track Altara, which is sure to brighten your day with its enchanting vocal samples. If you’re enjoying these tunes as much as I am, be sure to tune in to the free Silk Royal podcast to keep up with the latest they have to offer.

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