Nov 20, 2011
Feed Them
Feed Me feat Hadouken! - Trap Door (Original Mix Edit) [Mau5trap]
Hadouken! - Turn the Lights Out (Spor Remix) [Hadouken]
Hadouken! - Oxygen (Original Mix) [Hadouken]

Everybody’s favorite little green monster, Feed Me, is back, this time teaming up with vocals from Hadouken for a massive collaboration titled Trapdoor. Out soon on Mau5trap, this track is signature Feed Me, buffing up its roaring basslines with electrifyingly out of control aural synths. The synths themselves may be reminiscent of a Skrillex track, but the buildups, composition, and atmosphere of the song are hard to attribute to anyone but Feed Me.

While Hadouken may be a new face to the current wave of new Feed Me releases, this is not the first time the two have come together on a tune. Back in 2009 Hadouken’s track Turn the Lights Out got the remix treatment from Spor, Feed Me’s other alias. The remix is straight up drum’n’bass, and while it definitely varies in terms of style and composition from Jon Gooch’s more recent tracks, the level of production quality is still insanely high.
Finally, for a taste of who Hadouken is as an artist on his own, I’ve tagged on his 2010 tune Oxygen. It’s hard to put this track into one genre since it sports so many distinct elements, but you never need a genre distinction to label a song as flipping awesome.

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