Jun 06, 2011
Feed The Stars
Feed Me - To The Stars (Original Mix Edit) [Mau5trap]
Feed Me feat Tasha Baxter - Strange Behaviour (Original Mix Edit) [Mau5trap]
Feed Me - Pink Lady (Original Mix Edit) [Mau5trap]

Everybody’s favorite two-faced producer is on an unstoppable rampage this year, and nobody is digging it more us at LT3. Having just released a two-sider under the eclectic Spor nomer, the UK-based Jon Gooch now turns to his now wildly popular electro-savant side to take you on yet another audio journey. With To The Stars, four original Feed Me productions will tear your mind asunder from all sides.

As a drum’n’bass and hardcore producer braving the stormy electro seas, Gooch tends to bring incredible attention to detail into his productions. His brand of house just about as distant from minimal as you get; the melody and rhythm packed into every inch of each Feed Me production is mind-numbing. The titular To The Stars is highly instrumental, showcasing Feed Me’s aptitude for mixing warped electro hooks with cool-as-jazz melodic breakdowns.

Strange Behaviour moves into some catchy vocal dubs with his preferred vocalist Tasha Baxter. Feed Me’s brand of dubstep, however, favors a much brighter sound in comparison to deep, dark colors of Spor. The last song I have for you is Pink Lady. On this third track of this release, Feed Me opted to combine his wicked electro sounds with wobbly dub slams and a bit of breakbeat rhythm for a serious two-in-one treat. There’s one more track–Chain Smoker, a seriously teched-out electro piece–but you’ll just have to support this fantastic artist and buy the release to get it.

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