Jul 09, 2014
Have ‘Patience,’ New Feed Me EP Is Coming
Feed Me - Patience (Original Mix) [Sotto Voce]

Self-restraint doesn’t immediately top the list of known qualities found in Feed Me’s frenzied avatar, but he’s learning. He demonstrates control we thought beyond his frenetic nature by slowly unveiling his latest EP, and he’s passing on lessons to fans in his new crazed-yet-composed electro cut, Patience.

Li’l greenie grips his guitar and wails away on the lead throughout most of the tune, endowing his latest reveal from the four-track EP with a grinding electro-rock flavor. Until then, however, Patience bides its time during the glistening buildup before a low growl erupts from what we assume is his gaping maw addressing the crowd as he tunes up and lays into the masses gathered at his stadium-sized venue of the mind. The jutting chord riffs accented by squishy bass eruptions unravel into single, sustained notes that stretch across the midsection like a gaudy arena solo as it temporarily takes on a more progressive feel. After another satisfied growl, we’re back balancing luminous surges of synth against thick, soggy bass tones for the final minute of mayhem as Feed Me pumps his fists on stage in celebration of his latest laceration tool.

The EP should serve as something for fans to chew on while waiting for the new Teeth tour to hit real venues (pictured above), which bites down first on New York’s Terminal 5 Aug. 2 before covering North America through mid-September. Support will include Treasure Fingers, Delta Heavy, Le Castle Vania, as well as Sotto Voce artists TIJANI and Zeros on select dates. Get more info and tickets here, and check out the dates below.

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