Sep 18, 2013
Feed Me Offers Another Taste Of Calamari

Everyone’s favorite little green bass music goblin, Feed Me, fed fans a taste of what’s to come on his debut artist album today, a dark, vocally driven dubstep banger titled Ebb & Flow with Tasha Baxter.

Although it’s been floating around the internet for a while now, the track will finally see an official release on Calamari Tuesday as the fourth tune. Sporting some elements of D&B, the track smooths out at points to allow for Baxter’s voice to sparkle through the synth work, then flings itself back up only to crash down onto the beat with a main section that, while powerful and edgy, isn’t over-the-top. Here’s hoping all of Calamari Tuesday is as delicious as this little sample bite.

Listen to the newest reveal off Calamari Tuesday below, and preorder your copy here before it drops Oct. 14 on Sotto Voce.

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