Nov 27, 2013
Fedde le Grand & Di-Rect Show Us ‘Where We Belong’

We all know Fedde le Grand is a superstar DJ, but did you know that he’s also a skilled owl trainer? That’s what we’re led to believe in the video for Where We Belong, the uplifting collaborative joint between Fedde and longstanding Dutch alt rock band Di-Rect.

The video for Where We Belong follows an unnamed, pint-sized boy as he leaves his rural mountain home to seek salvation in the big city, all while under the watchful eye of Fedde’s winged accomplice. And that’s not all le Grand is good for–later, he conjures up a horse out of thin air to carry our weary protagonist through the remainder of his journey. Yo Fedde, how about conjuring up a couple wild steeds during your next nightclub set to really get the party started? Don’t let your powers go to waste!

Where We Belong is out now on iTunes.

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