Feb 28, 2011
Father Told Me
Sonny Moore - Father Said

Ask just about any fan of dance music right now, and they’ll tell it to you straight: Skrillex is hot. There’s no question about it; the country has caught Skrillex fever, with the man playing a jumble of sold-out shows all over the states in the coming months. There’s something about his signature sound that has such wide appeal. Packing each track with with huge melodies, stuttering beats and bold vocals, Skrillex simply takes dubstep to the next level with outstanding quality in his productions. It’s clear that the songs have a distinct and flavored musicality that only a true artist can bring out.

Which is why you should know the name behind the man behind the name: Sonny Moore. Not only is it Skrillex’s birth-given name, it’s a secondary name under which he makes releases of a slightly different shade. That being said, Father Said is definitely Skrillex; it wouldn’t take more than a few seconds of listening to guess that. But it opts to mix the classic Skrillex big-room dubstep whompage with some classy vocal work a la Sonny Moore himself–something I’m sure you’ve had a taste of much earlier.

Check out this video of 12th Planet and Skrillex wrecking the Avalon with a live rendition.

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