Mar 03, 2014
Fatboy Slim Curates ‘Bem Brasil’ Compilation For World Cup, Invites dirtybirds To Remix

As summer approaches, so does the 2014 FIFA World Cup and soccer fans all over the globe are preparing their vuvuzelas and writing their next award winning group chant. Fatboy Slim meanwhile, hopes to do his part by curating a compilation in honor of the event:

Given my love of Brasilian music, parties and football it is no surprise that with World Cup happening this year I want to share that love by providing a soundtrack for the summer, based on Brasilian music!

Besides Samba Do Mundo, Gregor Salto‘s single for the album as previewed in the trailer below, it’s expected to feature originals by the fatboy himself, as well as remixes by dirtybird artists Claude VonStroke and Eats Everything.

Personally, I’d be terrified of having to deal with the sorts of sports fans that actually need a Wikipedia page to keep track of all their shenanigans, from working together to set off fires in stadiums, to trampling each other for an opportunity to touch David Beckham. But Fatboy Slim has always had a very positive relationship with Brazilians, beginning with a party he threw in 2002 on Brighton Beach that was apparently so epic it had to be released on DVD. Later, he played to 360,000 people on Flamingo Beach in a show that was actually broadcast on national television, undoubtedly making the city of Rio feel pretty damn special. With some of these joyous tunes it seems like this year’s World Cup should have very positive vibes.

You can preorder Fatboy Slim Presents Bem Brasil here. Release date is set for May 26.

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