Oct 08, 2011
Farewell, Mr. Jobs
Sander van Doorn - Apple (Original Mix)

It’s hard not to say anything that hasn’t already been said about Steve Jobs. While some of us have had a love/hate relationship with Apple over the years, most of us gathered together on the web since Steve’s passing to bid our farewells and pay our respects. Yesterday’s top trending topic on Twitter, #stevejobs, displayed a tremendous outpouring of sympathy, respect, and reflection on the man’s incredible impact. The EDM community was no different:

Steve, heard you were chilln in peace w your fam when you decided to peace out.. Cool way to kick it… you killed out here man!

Damn, without Steve Jobs most of our productions/remixes/edits etc. wouldn’t even be here…#RIP to the greatest CEO ever..

Above & Beyond:
Steve Jobs was a towering inspiration to us all personally and professionally in so many ways. May his legacy continue.

It’s pretty hard to avoid an Apple product and remain a dance music fan all at once. Simply put, Jobs’ work was and will remain omnipresent within the digital music world. I can attest to that, having just recently witnessed a new dubstep duo mix from their iPads. That said, the connection between him and EDM extends beyond a set of consumer electronic products. In a time where computers were larger than people, Jobs envisioned something else. The New York Times, in their obituary for Jobs, wrote, “He was offering not just products, but a digital lifestyle.” EDM today is very much an extension of that digital vision. With complete music studios now packaged inside a single piece of software, we have all become empowered to interact directly with the music we love. Sure, producing good EDM is not quite that easy and actually requires artistic talent, but pause for a moment and think of how many people you know who own DJ software as well as a mixer. In an age of technological complexity, we are offered a high level of simplicity to engage with amazing musical tools at our fingertips. Let’s continue to push the envelope of digital music into the future.

Mr. Jobs, may you rest in peace. LessThan3 salutes you.

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