Dec 21, 2010
Fantastic Plumpy Goodness
Plump DJs - Light Fantastic (Original Mix) [Grand Hotel]
Plump DJs - Light Fantastic (Will Bailey Remix) [Grand Hotel]

The last time we caught up with the Plump DJs was during our interview at Nocturnal 2010. Since then, they’ve been hard at work with their Grand Hotel label and many other initiatives. We’ve always discussed how we like the unique sound and style that the duo bring to the table, carving out music that can really only be defined as the Plumps. Their newest release, Light Fantastic, is certainly no exception: an electro-themed carnival ride that captures youthful elements while delivering rough basslines as it proceeds along its breaks beat. One simple vocal element, “hey,” tastefully included with just the right frequency, puts the icing on the cake of a delicious foundation that is simply dancy as all hell.

The Will Bailey remix focuses a bit more intently on the wobbly section, as you can hear around 1:35. There’s a distinctively different build back into the wobbly drop at 3:30 as well. Perhaps most interesting is the musical twist around 2:35 with some nicely side-chained and spliced vocals. This element also returns at the very end of the track, which almost makes me call out “no! don’t go!” I almost wish the entire remix had revolved around that one component–it’s hot!

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