Apr 25, 2011
Fancy Pants Psytrance
Riktam & Bansi - Constructor (Original Mix) [Plastik Park]
Riktam & Bansi - Sweet Seek (Original Mix) [Plastik Park]
Riktam & Bansi - The Mask (Original Mix) [Plastik Park]

When Riktam & Bansi began spinning together two years ago, I don’t know if they foresaw the monster looming over them in the horizon, but whether or not they did, these guys are visionaries. When they dropped Green Space and The Red Line a couple years back, I never could have seen Constructor coming. Constructor, the lovechild of Shajahan Matkin (also known as Riktam) and Joseph Quinteros (Bansi), is the lovechild of two psytrance masterminds, and is a stunning example of this eclectic genre’s apex potential.

The duo met as teenagers in a coffee shop in their home country of Amsterdam when they were roughly fifteen years old. The rest is history. After attending a few trance parties in Goa, India, the two formed the psytrance duo Growling Mad Scientists. Now, Riktam & Bansi are releasing their first full EP almost two years after topping the Beatport charts with their last release.

Constructor is a hulk of an album. This is the kind of debut record that sends artists spiraling to the top of their genre. I would even go so far as to say that in Constructor, Riktam & Bansi truly epitomize the genre of psytrance as I would have it were I responsible for creating genre definitions. The beats are driving, captivating, and they take you on an adventure. From the moment that you play the title track you will start dancing, and you will not be able to stop until the music nods its head in silence, telling you, “it’s okay now.” Sweet Seek delivers you to what you’ve been looking for in EDM like Indiana Jones on antiquities, and The Mask takes one or two samples from the epic and eponymous movie of our childhoods. If you like psytrance, techno, or tech house, get this album. If you don’t, get it anyway; this is one for the generations.

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