Uppermost - A Fallen Soul [Uppwind]
Uppermost - Fallen 1 [Uppwind]
Uppermost - Fallen 2 [Uppwind]

French artist Uppermost really began making a name for himself through the unique, yet entirely massive electro house tracks he released last year. It wasn’t until founding his own label, Uppwind Records (which you can read about in our interview with him), that his tracks began to scream less of “amazing electro house producer” and more of “amazing musician”.

The label’s second release was very much focused on its experimental, cross-genre title track, A Fallen Soul. Opening with a series of soft orchestral strings, the track first made me think Uppermost had all but ditched his bass-driven roots. Fear not, as the much anticipated drop in this track is restrained, yet entirely satisfying. The song carries out as a progressive gem, reminding me a bit of a Marcus Schossow production at times, which can only be taken as a giant compliment given the beautiful tracks he puts out. These days there are certain artists that make it because they’ve got a great gimmick, or innovate a sweet new sound that catches on, but the ones to really look for are those who make it for their pure musical talent. You know, the ones who would be successful whether they are making dubstep or composing a symphony.

The other two tracks on the EP, Fallen 1 and Fallen 2, are the electro and hard tech re-imaginings of the subtle title track, respectively. I hope Uppermost’s philosophy of being nomadic when it comes to genres really begins to catch on. It weeds out the gimmicks and one hit wonders, which really aren’t bad for the industry, but let’s be honest… we’re all looking for that true talent these days, and a producer that can give you a massive track regardless of style is simply it.

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