Sep 30, 2010
Fall In Progressive Love
Estelle - Fall In Love (Seamus Haji Remix) [Atlantic]

London born pop singer Estelle has been a talent worth keeping an eye on since she broke into the scene in 2004. Her first few singles were hits in the UK earning her multiple awards for “Newcomer of the Year” as well as the attention of the scene’s biggest stars.

The young singer’s career really took off in 2008 with the release of American Boy, a collaboration with hip-hop “it” boy Kanye West. Not only did this track reach the Top 10 on the charts of nearly every country worldwide, but it was subject to remixes from respected EDM producers like Kill The Noise and Soulseekerz. Since then, Estelle releases seem to come complimented with a plethora of remixes. Her most recent single, Fall In Love got the same treatment, and while I did enjoy Estelle’s original version of this song, I wasn’t at all expecting the goldmine of a progressive track that is the Seamus Haji remix.

Seamus Haji is a veteran producer from the UK. For the past decade he’s brought us solid remixes of tracks from mainstream stars like Rihanna, Mariah Carey, and Moby. His recent remix of Estelle’s Fall In Love is clearly indicative of Seamus’s deep history as a producer, and although it may have taken the better part of a decade, it’s refreshing to see somebody finally perfecting the pop remix.

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