Dec 10, 2014
Fake Blood Goes ‘Gangbusters’ For ‘The Science’
Fake Blood - Gangbusters (Original Mix) [Blood Music]
Fake Blood - The Science (Original Mix) [Blood Music]

Fake Blood is less than a week away from the release of his three-track The Science EP. But if you don’t feel like waiting, here’s your chance to listen to two-thirds of the EP now.

While Gangbusters still has some of that signature Fake Blood weirdness going on in the background, FB’s signature bubbling bassline has been suppressed for a more subdued sound, keeping the focus on the lighter effects that ring through the track’s entirety like sonic confetti. The title track and first single, The Science, is a deep, driving, devil of a tune, and a certifiable party starter.

The Science is due out on Dec. 15 via Fake Blood’s own label, Blood Music.

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