Jul 28, 2015
Faithless Launches ‘2.0’ Album With Avicii Remix Of ‘Insomnia’

Legendary British group Faithless is celebrating their twentieth anniversary this year, and to mark the occasion they are putting out a special album, Faithless 2.0, packed with remixes of some of the most important tracks in dance music history. Leading the charge–and generating plenty of debate along the way–is Avicii with his own take on the trio’s 1995 classic Insomnia.

Avicii’s reputation for mainstage, radio-friendly productions may precede him, but he does the legendary group justice by sticking closely to the appeal of the original production. The main riff is a direct sample, the spoken word piece is largely intact, and there are no screaming builds or big room drops. Compared to the multitude of Insomnia remixes that have popped up over the years, this is a rather subtle take, and one you can imagine Avicii using to set the mood rather than end a festival set.

Even if this isn’t to your taste, there’s still some hope for the Faithless faithful. Faithless 2.0, which is due to be released in September, will contain remixes from artists like Tiesto, Claptone, Eric Prydz, Armin Van Buuren, Above & Beyond, and more.

Keep your eyes on the Faithless 2.0 website for more info on the album release and associated live dates, and check out Avicii’s remix of Insomnia below.

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