Feb 11, 2015
Faithless Announce Live Return After Four-Year Absence

After a four-year hiatus, British electronic outfit Faithless have announced that they will reform for an “iconic” show in London this summer.

The group revealed news of their comeback in an intriguing new video. According to the statement on the band’s website, the show is meant to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Faithless.

“This summer, Faithless return to celebrate 20 years as one of the world’s most successful live electronic acts. This special headline performance will take place in one of London’s most iconic open air settings. This very special headline performance will feature the band at their electrifying best as Faithless come home.”

While rapper Maxi Jazz and DJ/producer Sister Bliss have performed the occasional one-off show over the last few years, it is presumed that fellow producer Rollo will be rejoining the group for the London gig. However, the Faithless website currently advertises the words “Faithless 2.0,” suggesting some sort of change is to be expected. When Faithless split up in 2011, Jazz noted that the group’s time had come to an end, saying that it was time to “close the book.”

“After 15 years and six albums I think we’ve probably made our collective point by now and that it’s time to close the book and return it to the library.”

It looks like Faithless has decided to check out the book at least one more time. Whether that means it’s for one night only, or if the group has plans for a full-length tour still remains to be seen. In the meantime, watch the trailer, which features Faithless’ timeless track God Is a DJ, down below. For more information about the London show, head over to the band’s website here.

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