Dec 18, 2014
London’s Fabric Faces Closure After Drug-Related Deaths

UK’s world-renowned Fabric nightclub is facing a very real closure threat pending the review of its licenses and links to multiple drug-related deaths.

With an ominous, yet forthright banner on the front of their website, Fabric seems confident that the club will continue operating regardless of the Islington council’s licensing committee review later tonight. Authorities have asked that the club increase security, holding their stance that “Fabric is one of the capital’s most troublesome clubs, with 12 drug possession or dealing offenses for MDMA, ecstasy and ketamine recorded between April and October this year.”

Fabric has been operating for over 15 years, nurtured the careers of hundreds of DJs, and received multiple accolades as the world’s best club. They issued their own statement regarding the most recent death of four linked to its grounds:

As a team we’ve all felt the shock and horror that a death on our premises can cause. We don’t take it lightly; in fact, we’re constantly adapting our protocols in direct reaction to them in the hope that these are changes we can make to our operational policy that will prevent incidents like this from happening in the future.

The club is a symbol of “musical freedom“, which was founder Keith Reilly’s original intent upon opening Fabric. While other clubs are playing mainstream acts, Reilly employs the underrated and up-and-coming. Citizens surrounding the area remain divided in their loyalty to Fabric, some wish that it will be stripped of its licenses following the review while others hope it will remain open as a cultural capital of the area.

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