Jul 26, 2010
Eye Style 101
Torben Boswich - I Move On (Style of Eye Remix) [Muenchen]
Style of Eye - Puss Puss (Original Mix) [Refune]
Style of Eye - Grounded (Horns Mix) [Pickadoll]
Style of Eye - Girls (Original Mix) [Pickadoll]

Germany is known in most EDM circles to be the techno capital of the world. That’s why I’m not so surprised that Torbin Boswich, the original artist of I Move On, also hails from the same country. Style of Eye, the remixer, is from Stockholm. So we’ve got a nice Eastern European representation here on this techno gem. Released back in 2009, Style of Eye’s remix of I Move On is a very interesting track that remains varied throughout. Each sound employed here is used in creative ways to keep the track dynamic and shifting. It’s the track that introduced me to this producer, and his unique style catapulted me into a desire to learn more…

If only I knew what was in store for me.

Puss Puss was the next track I found, which I was thankful for because I’d heard it many times and never knew who it was by. No doubt a techno anthem (is there such a thing?) that should be in every techno lover’s library. Next I found another one of his newest pieces, Grounded. If you’ve been listening and following so far, this is about where we’d be: “Wait, is this the same artist?” Yep–it is. “So you’re telling me this horn-infused middle-eastern piece is also by the same guy who made those other techno bombs?” Yes–I am. “Wow, Proto, can I have some more?” Yes–you can. I’m also posting Girls, which is also easily one of my favorites. I’m sure if you like what you’ve heard so far you’ll enjoy this too.

Hopefully these few tracks give you a little taste of what this artist is capable of. There is very observable unique style, sound and talent here–something we always love to hear.

This summer Style of Eye has a bunch of gigs lined up in Ibiza at Amnesia’s Cream party, where he’ll be playing alongside Eric Prydz, Jemmy and Eddie Halliwell just to name a few. Check him out!