Oct 13, 2011
Exploring Your Roots
Horsepower Productions - Boogaloo (Original Mix) [Tempa]
Horsepower Productions - Landslide Remix (Original MIx) [Tempa]
Horsepower Productions - What We Do (Original Mix) [Tempa]

Horsepower Productions are one of the most important groups in the history of dubstep. Back in the early ’00s, their hard-hitting, bass-heavy brand of UK garage set the stage for both dubstep’s explosion into the US and Europe’s minimal obsession, led by Burial and his copycats. HP spent their time 2-steppin’ down the line between the two, creating simple, stripped-back compositions that could still jack it with the best of them. The Lost Tapes is a collection of four previously unreleased tracks from their golden era circa 2001, and gems like Boogaloo, Landslide Remix and What We Do are here to remind us how this dubstep thing all started.

Boogaloo is a true HP garage track with tightly drawn rhythms encircling a moody ragga sample, while Landslide Remix sees the group flexing their techno muscles, piling on the crunching, unrelenting subs. What We Do is different again–a gorgeous feast of gentle, rippling synths and blackened bass rumbles. This release should be a call-to-arms for all nu school dubstep fans: go explore your roots. Horsepower Productions are true pioneers and one of the most influential groups in the last fifteen years. They deserve your ears.

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