Jun 06, 2011
Experimental Tech
Deadmau5 - Raise Your Weapon (Stimming Remix Edit) [Mau5trap]
Stimming - Melodica (Original Mix) [Green]

The definition of stimming is “a repetitive body movement that is hypothesized to stimulate one or more senses.” What an appropriate name for the experimental producer from Germany. It just so happens that Martin Stimming, or just Stimming, has been creating experimental house tunes for quite some time now, but only really got attention recently when Deadmau5 took a liking to his stuff. I first heard his name when Deadmau5 mentioned him briefly in an interview. Then, I saw that he had done an official remix of Raise Your Weapon and took a closer look.

The fine attention to detail in Stimming’s remix of Raise Your Weapon is superb. He took the original and turned it into a dark, slithering experimental tech house beat. The small little rattles, the warped vocal sampling reminiscent of The Knife–it’s enough to paint a dark picture in your head. For another great track, check out Melodica. Accordion-sounding digital samples, psychedelic progressions, rattling drums, even car horns take part in this soundscape. See if you can identify every sample in there! Stimming is a prime example of experimental done well.

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