Aug 24, 2013
Exclusive: Total Science’s ‘Just Want You’ From Forthcoming EP ‘See Your Face’
Total Science - Just Want You (Original Mix) [Shogun Audio]
Total Science feat. Riya - Suspicious (Original Mix) [Shogun Audio]
Total Science - Hush Ya Mouth (Original Mix) [Shogun Audio]

With over 15 year’s worth of drum & bass anthems under their belts, no one would argue that Total Science has shaped the sound of the 170bpm genre over the past decade. As such, it’s pretty exciting when news breaks about a forthcoming EP from the Oxford duo. Entitled See Your Face, the new EP won’t be released through their own longstanding Computer Integrated Audio imprint (C.I.A.), but instead will be on the mighty Shogun Audio–a label that’s had a meteoric year so far with huge releases from Rockwell, Alix Perez, and label-boss Friction. Fortunately, LessThan3 has the exclusive full-length track Just Want You ahead of the EP’s release on Monday.

Just Want You is a drummer’s dream with its poly-rhythmic percussion, cracking and splashing ad infinitum. A thick kick drum, clanging ride cymbal, and countless drum fills imbue this track with neck-controlling rhythm from beginning to end. Add to it a smooth R&B vocal, grating bassline, and sweeping pads, and the result is sonorous baptism by bass. Other tracks on the EP are the garage-inspired Suspicious featuring superb songstress Riya, the break-heavy D&B monster Hush Ya Mouth, and the intelligently smooth title-track (official video below) also featuring Riya. Make sure to head over to iTunes to pre-order the EP and check out the massive liquid remix of Suspicious by Alix Perez.

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