Sep 29, 2015
TomorrowWorld Spokesperson Debby Wilmsen Makes Additional Statement

Hot on the heels of our coverage of the aftermath of TomorrowWorld’s disastrous 2015, and after concerns of misquotation in the original Meborgen article, TomorrowWorld representative Debby Wilmsen has directly contacted us with the following statement:

“We understand and hear the frustrations and disappointments in the developments at TomorrowWorld over the last weekend and we feel sorry that we were not able to provide some of our precious fans with the full TomorrowWorld experience and we understand the dissatisfaction.

After difficulties at the “outflow” on Saturday night (because of bad weather & mobility: trucks/cars/uber/taxis got blocked on parkings, roads and drop off places because of the ‘sticky’ mud) the authorities & organization decided to inform all the guests that the festival on Sunday only will be accessible by those who are staying at DreamVille.

What happened with some guests? Because of long waiting times (shuttles/Uber/taxi stuck in mud), people started to walk in the woods and on the roads and got lost on Sat night, and we are very blessed that everyone got home safe but again not so comfortable and with sore feet and only after a few hours when they were very tired. That was not nice and not comfortable at all!

But all the parking lots, roads and drop off zones were muddy and dangerous for cars & shuttles–they got blocked and can also block the roads and that can be very dangerous for our festivalgoers on site. That’s why we and the authorities decided to limit the capacity on Sunday. We did not want to have situations where people were blocked on the road for hours or cars being blocked.

We are not concerned about our image or we do not want to ignore the situation, but we were concerned about the guests and the first thing we wanted to do was inform our guests on site and get everyone home safe.”


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