May 15, 2013
Exclusive Premiere: Charlie Darker Contorts Hadouken!’s Levitate
Hadouken! - Levitate (Charlie Darker Remix) [Surface Noise]

A five-headed monster stemming from the UK, Hadouken! are known for all things bass as seen in their most recent album, Every Weekend, and rightfully so. The group worked with drum & bass trio Noisia on several tunes for their third studio album including the up-tempo giant Levitate, which gives us a look at their electro side with a big room chord progression and the type of bass that just hits home for us low-end lovers. As if the original could get any better, we’ve got the exclusive premiere of the Charlie Darker remix, and to say it exceeds expectations would be an understatement.

Fancy drumwork and fluctuating synth patterns shine in this quirky electro thriller from the talented Toronto native. Darker is known for his unique approaches and his willingness to push his musical boundaries release after release (see Cairo, This Automatic, and Corner Kids), and this remix further establishes his place among the upper echelons of the electro house scene. Look for this release to be out soon on Surface Noise Recordings.

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