Dec 19, 2013
PREMIERE: Joachim Garraud – Motherspaceship Alarm [Ultra]
Joachim Garraud - Motherspaceship Alarm (Original Mix) [Ultra]

Electro space invader Joachim Garraud knows that even aliens enjoy an occasional twerk session, which is why he’s concocted Motherspaceship Alarm especially for all of you extraterrestrial freaks and geeks out there.

Garraud beams us up to his ship with a tense, restrained build that might have anxious listeners questioning his intentions. But just as we enter the loading dock and hear the sirens wailing, our fears are allayed, and we’re invited to let loose at the dirty electro rave going on inside the mothership.

If this is your first time partying beyond the Earth’s atmosphere, there’s no need to be afraid. Joachim Garraud comes in peace. Motherspaceship Alarm is out Friday, Dec. 20 through Ultra Records.

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