Dec 11, 2013
PREMIERE: Curses (AKA Drop The Lime) Came To ‘Deliver’
Curses - Deliver (Original Mix) [Ultra]

Did you know that every time Drop The Lime drops another lime, an EDM fan gets her first pair of furry boots? Go ahead and search Snopes, it all checks out. The Trouble & Bass label head, born Luca Venezia, has revived his Curses moniker for his latest joint, Deliver, which we have the pleasure of debuting for you today.

Curses is Venezia’s outlet for exploring the deeper, darker corners of house music and acid-fueled electro, and had not been spotted in the wild since sometime in 2009 until earlier this year when the alias made its first appearances on social media. First previewed by Skream on BBC Radio 1, Deliver is a welcome re-entry point into this realm of Venezia’s work, where he’s been patiently plugging away all year long with a steady stream of remixes and originals. It’s spacious, moody, and cold, defined by a single descending arpeggio line that doesn’t suggest a groove so much as demand it; in other words, it’s just what we deep/tech house fanatics crave.

UPDATE: Deliver is out now on Beatport, via Ultra Records.

Curses - Deliver

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