Feb 18, 2011
Excision & Downlink Demolish NYC
Excision & Datsik - Swagga (Original Mix) [EX7]

Last Saturday, Canadian dub giants Excision and Downlink threw down what was undoubtedly one of New York City’s most gruesome bassfests ever. Along with fellow Rottun Recordings member Antiserum, they played consecutively–and mercilessly–to a sold-out crowd. The line stretched out of the Best Buy Theatre and right around the block, just under the blinding spectacle of lights of Times Square. They were united by single and unquestionable purpose: getting some pure, unadulterated wobble.

Downlink was doing some nasty things to the crowd by the time we got in. His specialty is dubstep of the dark variety, and he certainly delivered on that until relinquishing the decks to his partner in crime. The man played a solid set that warmed up the already-frenzied crowd to a level appropriate for Excision to take over.

If you’ve listened to Excision’s Shambhala 2010, you might have some idea of what Excision’s set sounded like.
Excision made it clear that he was a true musician. Flying between dubstep, drum n’ bass and wobbly electro house like a multilingual savant, he maximized the synergy of his mind-blowing skills and the riotous energy of the audience to deliver a performance nobody under that roof will ever forget. Trainwreckers like Granny Basher and Reploid rained down at a pace that super-intensified the increasingly dangerous mosh pit that persisted throughout the entire set. Later on, the DJs took to the stormy crowd seas in an inflatable raft–with safe passage, of course.

While Excision played a score of songs that we definitely recognized, they were well-outnumbered by the unknown tracks. Like any good DJ, he took the audience on a musical journey through new, yet oddly familiar territory. Each song flowed in and out of his set with punch and grace, indicating a true recognition and mastery of the “Excision” style.

Be sure and check out the video I caught at the show of what seems to be an unreleased Skrillex track. I am stoked to hear the full version after this teaser.

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