Feb 12, 2013
Excision Destroys Los Angeles
Darude - Sandstorm (Candyland's OG Trap Remix)
Gent & Jawns - Turnup (Original Mix)
Excision & Downlink - Raise Your Fist (Original Mix) [Destroid]

Heavy bass music was redefined last Saturday night at LA’s Club Nokia when Excision brought his enormous Executioner stage and a 100,000 watt PK Sound system to town. The crowd was full of diehard bassheads wearing his t-shirts and standing proudly before the veiled behemoth in the theater. Opening for Excision were a couple of his friends Vaski and Paper Diamond. Both of these DJs had outstanding sets that included a generous helping of trap tracks like Candyland’s OG remix of Sandstorm by Darude and Turnup by Gent & Jawns. Being LA, the crowd really resonated with these hard-hitting bangers; a few mosh pits even erupted on the lower level.

excision club nokia

At the stroke of midnight, the room darkened and a tremendous bass rumble shook the building–it was time. The veil then dropped off Excision’s massive Executioner stage, which assembled itself as it powered on (See Video Below). Truly a marvel to witness, this monstrosity really lives up to Excision’s reputation as a bass music tyrant and its effect was extremely amplified by an army of subwoofers pumping out 100,000 watts into the room. It was no doubt one of the wildest visual experiences ever built for EDM; no could pull their eyes away as all kind of mechanical creatures moved in sync to the face-melting tracks he was dropping. The party really lived up to Excision’s earlier warning of anti-pop chaos. In addition to a bunch of his well-known tracks like Headbanga, Crowd Control, and X-Rated, Excision used this opportunity to showcase his latest tracks under side project Destroid with Downlink and KJ Sawka.

Don’t miss your chance to see him on the rest of his Executioner tour–pick up tickets here.

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